2016 Global Mobility Trends

Insight into how 163 Global Mobility leaders view the future of talent mobility.

Role of mobility as reported by survey respondents

Position global mobility as integral to employees’ careers

Set yourself up for success in attracting, deploying, developing and retaining key talent across borders.

Review program governance to improve processes

Measure and report on international assignment performance metrics and on the true cost of international assignments.

Derive better outcomes and redefine the mobility value proposition

Prompt a strategic shift in the conversation about the value of talent mobility.


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Global mobility trends at a glance.

Global Mobility Trends - Energy Industry
Reducing Mobility Costs

Global Mobility Trends - Energy Industry
Assignment Management Challenges

Global Mobility Trends - Energy Industry
Assessing Candidate Adaptability

Global Mobility Trends - Financial Services Industry
Reducing Mobility Costs

Global Mobility Trends - Financial Services Industry
Assignment Cost Tracking

Global Mobility Trends - Financial Services Industry
Female International Assignees

International Assignment Destinations

Assignment Management Challenges

Countries Presenting the Greatest Assignment Challenges

International Assignee Demographics

The Talent Management Gap

Cost Containment Becomes Commonplace

“Balancing the financial health of the company and the need to move critical talent where needed is, and is always going to be, a challenge.”

- U.S. Headquartered Information Technology Company -

“The organization is very strong about its diversity and inclusiveness and encourages women to take international assignments by having a range of family friendly policies that provide solutions to some childcare concerns and make this decision easier for female assignees.”

- EMEA Headquartered Energy Company -

“Global talent rotation policy ensures knowledge sharing and talent development between developing and developed locations and vice versa.”

- EMEA Headquartered Media Company -

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Industries explained:

  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals = Biotechnology, Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals
  • Financial Services = Banking, Investment Funds, Insurance and Real Estate
  • Consumer Products = Consumer Products and Retailing
  • Information Technology = Computers, eCommerce, Electronics, Semiconductor, Software, and Telecommunications
  • Energy = Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities
  • Engineering and Manufacturing = Construction, Engineering, Aerospace, Machinery, Manufacturing, Shipbuilding and Transportation (Airline, Automotive, Railroad, Shipping)
  • Other = Agriculture, Chemicals and Services (Advertising, Business Consulting, Entertainment, Hospitality, Law, Publishing)

“We explore sourcing talent in any new country or region where we may be acquiring assets, exploring new business ventures, etc. or where we believe competency and skills have become available.”

- U.S. Headquartered Energy Company -

“International experience is a mandatory development step towards senior global executive roles.”

- EMEA Headquartered Financial Services Company -

“The company underwent a global restructuring. There is an effort to refocus on improving product sales and cutting costs. The restructuring was not aimed at global mobility but our global assignee population was affected by the company strategy.”

- U.S. Headquartered Consumer Products Company -

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